Step 1: Buy a single sign-on email address

Simply make the payment with Paypal first:

Buy your desired single sign-on email address with the the surname/familyname/firstname domain name for an annual fee.


Step 2: Send us your choice

Send us an email at mail (at) with your names‘ choice. Please also let us know in this email to which email address we should forward your new If we cannot configure your email you will be reimbursed. Please use our contact form.

Step 3: Confirmation

We will only confirm payment when we have setup your new

Optional: Upgrade your email address

Please contact us for an upgrade from an „email receive“ to an „email receive and send“ package.


Now, you can buy the entire namespace for your purposes. Simply pay by Paypal and you will be able to get full access to the domain name and all email addresses

Lifetime access to

With the payment we simply transfer the full access to the domain name and all its email adresses.


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